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Anytime electricity is near a body of water like a pool, spa, marina, dock or flooded basement, there is the potential for a tragedy in the form of electrocution. A device that detects electricity in water can prevent such tragedies. Our Shock-Guard™ 24/7 system monitors the water and detects electricity in the water and then sounds an alarm warning of the lurking danger and trips the GFI shutting off power to the system. 




Our Shock-Guard™ 24/7 Volt Detector and Alarm System of water safety products will warn of this hazard and creates a safer environment for swimming or for people who work and play around the water. Shock-Guard™ 24/7 works in fresh, salt chlorinated or brackish waters detecting both AC and DC electricity from a volt range of 1.7 volts to 240 volts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Shock-Guard ™ 24/7 monitors the water for the presence of electricity 24 hours a day. When as little as 1.7 volts of electric current is detected (up to 240V) in the water, it triggers a built-in alarm buzzer, warning of the potential danger and trips a GFI circuit. Shock Guard ™ 24/7 continues to make loud buzzer chirps every 5 seconds for up to 24 hours or until the source of electricity is stopped or the unit is deactivated.  A outdoor 6-12V DC siren (100 DB) can be attached to the unit making a very loud warning sound.  The biggest danger of electricity entering the water is through underwater lights, faulty equipment and wiring, improper electrical installations and grounding issues. While many underwater lights are “low-voltage”, danger is still present as the light is wired from a 120/240V circuit and converted to low voltage through a step-down device.  A recent child electrocution in Florida occurred in a pool with a “low-voltage” pool light!  Shock-Guard ™ 24/7 is powered by a 9V DC battery and DOES NOT require dangerous AC electricity to operate. The unit is completely harmless, 100% solid state with no moving parts.

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