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Is your basement prone to flooding

Is your basement prone to flooding?  If so, then Shock-Gaurd 24/7 is a must have safety device for you.


Basement that are flood prone and have sump pumps or appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers etc.) installed could create a dangerous situation should electricity enter the water in some manor. Most appliances have there

electric motors, wiring and pumps located at the base of the appliance near the floor. This is concerning and very unsafe should water reach these areas and electrify the water in some way.


The presence of electricity in water can't be seen or heard!


Shock-Alert 24/7 to the rescue!


Shock-Alert 24/7 constantly monitors the water for stray current and when 5 volts or more is detected, sounds a built in alarm

warning of the danger while tripping the GFCI shutting down the power. The system runs on a 9V battery and requires no electricity to operate.

The system is easy to install and requires no maintenance except for changing the battery once a year.


It's better to be safe than sorry!

Free Delivery in The US  \  Ships 3-5 Business Days
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