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1. Q-Where is Shock-Guard24/7 ™ mounted?

A- Vertically mounted on a flat surface such as a wall or dock frame. Keep the unit away from excess splashing and shielded from the sun and rain if possible.

2. Q- What type of water will the system detect electricity in?

A- Fresh, salt, brackish or chlorinated such as in a swimming pool or hot tub.

3. Q- What type of electric voltage will the unit detect?

A- AC and DC voltage – from 1.7 to 240 volts.

4. Q- What is the detection range of Shock-Guard 24/7 units?

A- The detection range has been tested at 32′ radius from the sensor probe. This range will vary according to the conductivity of the monitored water and any obstructions in the water.  The MD model expands this range by having 4 probes to monitor the water and even a dock frame or boat lift frame.

5. Q-How long will the 9V battery last when it’s chirping?

A- A new alkaline 9V battery should allow the unit to chirp every 6 seconds continuously for 30 hours. 

6. Q- How often should the battery be changed?

A -Once a year or after it has sounded a warning.

7.  Q- Does the battery use up any power when not in use?

A- There is no power consumption or drain on the battery when the unit is in ‘idle” mode, just monitoring the water.

8. Q- What type of wire is used for the sensing probe that goes into the water?

A- 14 gauge solid copper insulated electric wire, attached to a 6” length of silver solder.


9. Q- How long can the copper wire be if the base unit is installed a distance from the location of the sensor probe in the water?

A- 300 feet.


10. Q-Can I remove or relocate the unit once it is installed?

A- Yes. This is recommended should there be a threat of severe weather or when the unit won’t be used for an extended period of time such as in the winter.

11. Q- What is the units voltage detection range?

A- The unit will detect as little as 1.7 volts up to 240 volts of AC/DC electricity.


12. Q- Is the Shock-Guard 24/7 ™ system water proof?

A- No. The unit is sealed and considered to be weather resistant.


13. Q-What is the warranty period of Shock-Guard 24/7 ™?

A- A limited warranty of 1 year from date of purchase.

14. Q-Will the unit work in a fiberglass hot tub or pool.

A- Yes.

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