Installation of Shock-Guard™ 24/7  provides for a safer recreational water environment so all can enjoy the water with greater “peace of mind” and feeling of security. Boaters and marinas get the added benefit of protecting against marine corrosion (electrolysis) of metal parts and resulting expensive repairs and untimely haul outs. Reduces marina liability exposure and potential law suits.




Installation Diagram


Installation location should be out of reach of children and in a area that is sheltered from the weather elements, excessive splashing and direct sunlight, if possible.

Possible Installation Locations:

- Locate an area where small children can't tamper with the unit.

- Pool/Spa- near pool equipment.

- Dock/Marina– near/on Shore Power Pedestal or on a grounded metal dock frame, boat lift frame.

- Basement– On a basement upper wall (place probe, touching floor where flooding begins) and with access to a       grounded metal object.

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