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Marine Corrosion

                         Protects Against Marine Corrosion

The presence of AC or DC electricity in the water (salt, fresh or brackish) of a marina or boat slip can quickly corrode expensive metal parts (shafts, props, lower units, trim tabs, engines, etc.), which is commonly called electrolysis. Marinas and docks are loaded with electric wiring for lights, motors, shore power pedestals and power boxes, posing a danger.




Marina electric systems often are tied together in a “grid” and the wiring located under water. A short or grounding problem at one slip or boat can effect many boats in the marina. Live Shore Power cords left on the docks or in the water; old, faulty underwater wiring; boats with no or worn out “sacrificial zincs”; and “visiting” boats and clubs, all add to the potential for damage. Boat insurance policies don’t cover “corrosion” damage! Shock-Guard 24/7 ™ is an inexpensive way to protect your boat against corrosion and expensive repairs . . .  we got you covered! 


Shock-Guard™ 24/7 reduces liability for marina owners! Shock-Guard™ 24/7 serves as a warning system for identifying “hot slips” or “hot areas” in a marina when the water has become electrified with AC or DC voltage. The unit monitors the water 24/7 to detect electrical current and becomes your in-water “eyes and ears” since electricity cant’ be seen or heard! “We got you covered”!  Shock Guard™ 24/7 is your insurance against corrosion!  Shock-Guard™ 24/7 is easy to install and operates fully unattended and is self-contained. There are no moving parts to break, malfunction or wear out! This new, solid-state electronic technology is maintenance free and requires only changing the 9V battery annually. 

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