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Shock-Guard 24-7


Multi-Tester is a electronic device that tests a body of water, like a swimming pool/spa, to see if the water is grounded to earth ground.  It is powered by an off-the-shelf 9V alkaline battery that does not draw power when not in use.  It can operate independently and alsobe used to test the operational status of the Shock-Guard™ 24/7 by providing an electrically induced charge to the Shock-Guard™ 24/7 unit causing it to go off.The unit may have other commercial and industry uses and there are no moving parts.


The unit is self contained and has 2 stainless steel sensor bolts and a LED visual light.  1 bolt will be attached to a known earth ground object (like the ground part of a 3 prong wall outletusing a “ground only” pig tail male plug) via a length of insulated, 14 gauge copper wire. The other bolt, which is a sensing bolt, will also have a wire attached to it that is placed into the water being tested for grounding or other objects to verify grounding.  When the unit is hooked up and the 9V battery is in place, simply touch the water with the sense wire coming from the unit.  If the water is grounded, then the LED light will come on instantly.  If no light triggers, the water is NOT grounded or the battery is dead.  The battery should last at least 1 year.Proper grounding and bonding issues are a big concern in the pool industry.  This unit will ID problem areas starting at the end of the bonding grid (the pool water itself) and working backwards to earth ground to test individual bonding components of the bonding grid to isolate the problem area.

Shock-Guard 24-7

Multiplier 4X

Multiplier 4X is an optional device to be used in conjunction with the Shock-Guard™ 24/7 product to expand its sensing range and ability by a factor of 4.  It does not operate independently, but must be connected to the Shock-Guard™ 24/7 unit to function.  There are no moving parts.



Multiplier 4X is attached to the Shock-Guard™ 24/7 via an insulated 14 gauge copper wire.  This wire is attached to the sensor screw on the terminal connector of the Shock-Guard™ 24/7 and, in turn, connected to the pole terminal connector on the left side of the Multiplier 4X.  On the right side of the 4X unit is another terminal connector with 4 sensor positions or poles.  A sensor wire(s) of up to 300’ in length is attached to each pole to sense 4 different areas in a body of water (i.e. 4 boat slips in a marina, 4 sides of a dock in a lake,or 4 areas in a large commercial resort pool).  Each sensor wire operated independently of the other, so as to not electrify the water in other parts of the water which is being monitored should an electric event be detected.  To find out which of the sensor wires is detecting a “hot” slip, for example (1,2,3, or 4), simply remove the wire from the water or disconnect it from the unit.  If the alarm stops, that’s a hot slip.  Each sensor wire could have a different colored insulation jacket for better ID.  One of the sensor wires could be attached to a metal boat lift or metal frame of a floating dock or other metal structure which could possibly carry unwanted stray electricity to the water causing a dangerous situation.  For example, 1 wire is attached to the “boat lift” and the other 3 wires in the water are monitoring it for electricity around a 4 sided floating dock in the lake.

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