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Detecting Electricity

Anytime electricity is near a body of water like a pool, hot tub, marina, dock or flooded basement, there is the potential for a tragedy in the form of electrocution. A device that detects electricity in water can prevent such tragedies! Our Shock-Guard 24/7 ™ system constantly monitors the water and when electricity is detected, sounds a warning alarm and trips a GFCI circuit turning off the power.





Electricity in water can’t be seen or heard.  Shock-Guard™ 24/7  monitors the water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is triggered when 1.7 volts to 240 volts of either AC or DC electricity is detected. The unit will sense electricity in fresh, salt, brackish or chlorinated water. The unit is powered by a 9V battery and is 100% solid state electronics with no moving parts. Changing the battery once a year is recommended. The unit can be permanently installed or used as a portable testing device.  Installation is easy and takes about 30-60 minutes. 

Shock-Guard™ 24/7 is ideal for detecting electricity in swimming pools, and hot tubs,  fountains, marinas, around private docks, boat lifts and in flood prone basements. The product may also have use in industrial applications where water and electricity are near each other.

Another use of the Shock-Guard™ 24/7 system is detecting electricity in flood prone basements or as a portable testing device where flood waters have been exposed to ‘live” electric lines/wires in the water. Flood prone basements often have sump pumps, electric appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers) and power tools, where the motors of these devices are close to the floor and subject to exposure to flooding waters. Also, many basements have been “finished” to provide extra living space for the household. Wires running along floors or wall outlets close to the floor can quickly become exposed to unwanted flood waters. It would be very dangerous to step into these waters if they are electrified! That’s where Shock-Guard™ 24/7 comes into play, becoming the eyes and ears to the homeowner when danger is lurking in the water. Shock-Guard™ 24/7 can protect against all these hazards! 

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